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Bobs Furniture


Bobs Furniture is an American everyday value furniture retailer in 19 states across the US. Today, Bobs has more than 125 showrooms, a number that is growing as they continue to expand throughout the United States.

Since the company opened its doors in 1991, they ensured that every customer was offered quality furniture at a reasonable price in any budget. Every day, these employees create a vagabond-free environment by providing unprecedented honesty and integrity.

In addition to offering unbeatable value, Bobs Furniture team serves local communities across America in a variety of philanthropic ways. Bobs Furniture team volunteered their leadership, time and various products and gift cards for countless worthwhile causes and organizations. To continue his community involvement, Bobs started his own charitable foundation known as Bobs Care. Annually, Bobs Furniture and Bobs Cares provide over $ 2.75 million for various charitable efforts.

Bobs Furniture Mission: Our mission is to provide unbeatable quality, style, comfort and service and make it affordable without resorting to gimmick every day. This is Bobs Furniture method.

Material quality
Bob’s discount furniture focuses on low cost and affordable products. Similar to other discounted furniture brands, their wood products typically feature particle board and fiberboard construction, while their comfort furniture includes proprietary bob-o-pedic poly-foam and spring technology. Customers report being satisfied with the build and initial look, but there were some complaints about perceived quality and durability over time, especially for items that more commonly wear and tear at home.

Bob’s Discount Furniture Top Picks
When it comes to pieces that Bob’s buyers are most excited about, there are some popular requests that customers make repeatedly. We will go through the top searches and talk about the ins and outs of their offerings.

The first most common thing Bob’s shoppers see is a new sectional or sofa. Their prices start under $ 600 and mostly feature synthetic upholstery with foaming cushioning. Most options come in color tones such as gray, beige, brown and navy. In addition, Bob offers discounted leather options in classic colors starting at $ 1500. While customers first liked the look and feel of these sofas, in some cases there were some complaints about durability and laxity.

Bobs Furniture is the exclusive distributor of Furniture. Our mission is to provide excellent customer service and high quality products in a timely fashion. We have the finest range of products to meet your needs and are always available to assist with any questions or concerns you may have. They offer a large selection of classic and contemporary pieces of furniture for both indoor and outdoor use. Our designers work diligently to incorporate all of your needs and wants into their product lines.

Bobs Furniture has the widest selection of furniture available in the industry. Furniture from the loft to the loftier is available for purchase, all you need to do is search for it on our website. You can also browse through our catalog for more detailed information about the types of furniture they carry. The great thing about Bobs Furniture is that they guarantee every piece of furniture they sell. This includes furniture that has been properly inspected and meets all manufacturer specifications. There is no need to worry about whether or not your Furniture will fit the current decor of your home, Bobs Furniture has something to fit any room of your house.